URGENT home needed for loving GSD Shadow

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URGENT home needed for loving GSD Shadow

Post  Sheba'sMum on Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:57 am

This is written by Shadow's mum:

Shadow is my intelligent and loving four year old GS boy that I very sadly have no choice but to find a new home. Shadow is a sable GS possibly a cross (I have no papers for him) with a semi long coat. I have been struggling with him on my own for two years now due to my own personal problems with living arrangements. Shadow was originally a family pet but we had to leave through no fault of our own. I have moved him around a lot with me over the past two years as I couldn't stand to give him up but now I am going back to work and university and I have come to realize I do not have the time for the consistent training he deserves. I do not have a routine in my life due to ongoing problems I am having. I do manage to walk him daily though for at least an hour and for at least half of this is off the lead which he loves.

-No medical problems, neutered, micro chipped, vaccinations and worming all up to date with booster just done.
-Has a Seresto flea collar on that works well with 6 months until it needs replacing
-Very good recall and commands as long as there are no major distractions
-Two months worth of high quality dry food
-No food/toy aggression issues with anyone ever
-Good with strangers on walks male and female
-Good with children of all ages
-Good with cats (currently lives with three)
-Very gentle dog when taking treats
-Good manners will sit nicely and give paw when dirty or wet after coming in from outside
-Very obedient, loves learning new things, very trainable
-Extremely loyal and very lovable everyone who meets him falls in love with him
-Loves being exercised and playing ball
-Not destructive at all when left in a garden alone and fairly quiet
-Previously lived with 3 other dogs when he had fear problems and was very friendly and even submissive towards them
-I am prepared to drive the length of the country if the right owner wants Shadow

-Has some fear issues with other dogs especially small dogs but he is improving slowly with me, he will lunge and bark at strange dogs if they get too close
-If left in the house gets very anxious and will bark and becomes destructive but this can be improved with proper training and gradually lengthening the time he is left
-Has previously bitten two smaller dogs when off the lead one and two years ago
-Territorial of the house but I think this is normal

 In the house I always let visitors in away from Shadow and ask them to sit down before so he doesn't feel threatened. He greets people very nicely this way and soon becomes everyone's best friend! He is quite territorial of his home and does not like the post man but I think this is perfectly normal.

 Shadow has been attacked by many small dogs when he was younger and this with a combination of inconstant training on my part has led to his problems. I have also been told by my dog walkers and other GS owners who have walked him that he behaves much better when I am not around. With a new experienced owner there is every chance the negative fearful behaviors will disappear.

 Shadow is an extremely loyal, loving companion who deserves a second chance with a good person. I would like to meet and stay in contact with anyone who wants to adopt Shadow if possible as he means so much to me.

Shadow needs a forever home by September at the latest.

For more information please call/text me on 07917335407 or email me roxylife_150890@hotmail.co.uk any advice/help would be useful, thank-you.

Shadow's story

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Re: URGENT home needed for loving GSD Shadow

Post  biggsd on Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:20 pm

Still looking for his new home

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