Tara approx 7/8 yrs old

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Tara approx 7/8 yrs old Empty Tara approx 7/8 yrs old

Post  Sheba'sMum on Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:25 pm

How much bad luck can one girl have?
In 2006 John rehomed a Irish girl called Zara (now Tara) who had been found near to death with a dead puppy still inside her. After 2 years she came back to him through no fault of her own. Between Sharon and John they found her another new home with a couple in Surrey but sadly earlier this year the relationship broke up & a few months ago her dad returned to New Zealand taking a male gsd from Vigil back with him leaving Tara with his ex partner. Now John has been asked to take Tara back again to rehome her because her mum has to to work full time. She will be staying where she is till he can take her in or if a fosterer can be found. She will now be approx 8 yrs old. John has till early January to find her a new home.

Here are some pics of her from 2008:

Tara approx 7/8 yrs old Zara006

Tara approx 7/8 yrs old Zara009

Frolicking in the water with her mates!
Tara approx 7/8 yrs old Zara003

Tara approx 7/8 yrs old P1013186

Tara approx 7/8 yrs old P1013185
We will hopefully get some updated pics in the next few days.

If you can offer this gorgeous girl her forever home or offer to foster her please call John on 01932 571268

Tara's story

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