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Post  Sheba'sMum on Thu May 23, 2013 1:43 pm

Poppy and Cass are with John in foster in Chertsey, for more info please contact him by phone: 01932 571268.

Up to now he has found them very loving dogs.

From their mum:

Cassius is called Cass for short. He is about 6 years old, healthy, large and very good looking, black and tan.

Quietly obedient. Not used to children. Likes to sit with owner.
Likes chasing his ball ball.
Will pull on lead.

Poppeia is called Poppy for short. She is over one year old, black and tan and very good looking.

Appears to be grinning all the time.
Very boisterous
Very playful and loving. Jumps up on people.
Needs a lot of attention.
Likes chasing her ball.
She is obedient to Cass

Poppy on left
Poppy and Cass SAM_00522_zps9ba244a5
Poppy and Cass SAM_0048_zps91ed1e44
Poppy left
Poppy and Cass SAM_0046_zpsb1e31897

Poppy and Cass SAM_0040_zps045e9ca8
Poppy and Cass SAM_0038_zps20dfffb2

Poppy has found 2 new friends in Rocky and Gerry who are also looking for their new homes. She is finding it hard to play and for now is content with watching the other two.

Poppy and Cass Camera013_zpse42d3d9f

Poppy and Cass Camera012_zps4a477ca3

Poppy and Cass Camera007_zpsffbca855

Poppy and Cass Camera002_zps0bf4517d

If you would like to offer Poppy & Cass a new home please call John: 01932 571268

Cass & Poppy's story

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Poppy and Cass Empty Re: Poppy and Cass

Post  biggsd on Fri May 24, 2013 5:48 am

Cass seen here with Tara a Vigil dog who is also looking for her new home.

Tara http://s10.zetaboards.com/biggsd/topic/7399006/1/

Poppy and Cass Camera011_zps5088870f

Poppy and Cass Camera010_zps06a6edc2

Poppy and Cass Camera009_zpsa24a5e1f

Poppy and Cass Camera008_zpsf59517f6

Poppy and Cass Camera002_zps903a3e65

Poppy and Cass Camera001_zpsdb43af0c

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