Seb 7yr old

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Seb 7yr old Empty Seb 7yr old

Post  Sheba'sMum on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:34 am

Seb has come into rescue through no fault of his own. His owners work patterns have changed along with financial problems. He also has a problem with his ears and skin which is being attended to. He's good with people he meets and most other dogs he meets as long as he is introduced properly. We will up date when we know more.

Seb is in foster with John in Chertsey surrey.

Here he is with Rocky who is also looking for his new home and a friend who called in to see John.

Seb 7yr old SAM_1597_zps45336032

Seb 7yr old SAM_1601_zps6216a9e8

Seb 7yr old SAM_1611_zpsc9b8c3b2

Seb 7yr old SAM_1613_zps952434a4

Seb 7yr old SAM_1618_zps81282704

If you want to offer Seb a loving new home please call John: 01932 571268

Seb's story

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