DBARC Funday Nr Reading , Berks.; Sept 9th

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DBARC Funday Nr Reading , Berks.; Sept 9th Empty DBARC Funday Nr Reading , Berks.; Sept 9th

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The Biggsd stall has been very kindly invited to attend the Dbarc funday event on the 9th September.

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Sunday 9th September 2012, 10.00am - 5.00pm
MAPLEDURHAM HOUSE, Mapledurham, Reading, RG4 7TR

We are very pleased to announce that our Annual Funday is booked for 2012.
The Funday is being run in conjunction with a British Flyball Association sanctioned Flyball Competition
We are very lucky to have secured a venue this year as it was looking doubtfull we would be able to hold our Funday again this year, so we are very grateful to The Barkshire Bandits Flyball Team for allowing us to share the venue they have hired for their Flyball Competition at no cost to us!
So not only can you come along with your canine friend and enter him or her into our dog show, but you can also go and watch the amazing and fascinating sport of Flyball which is a wonderful spectator sport! Of course if your dog likes to play ball, why not have a chat with the Barkshire Bandits about becoming a member of their very successful team!!

Fun Dog Show - with classes for:-

Best Puppy (6 mths - 1 year)
Best Veteran (over 8 years)
Doggie Fancy Dress (Get making those Cute Costumes!)
Most Handsome Dog
Prettiest Bitch
Best Collie or Collie Cross
Best GSD or GSD Cross
Cutest Schnauzer or Schnauzer Cross
Cutest White Dog
Dog of Courage (Dog with courageous story to tell)
Best Rescue Bitch (DBARC)
Best Rescue Bitch (Not from DBARC)
Best Rescue Dog (DBARC)
Best Rescue Dog (Not from DBARC)
Most Appealing Eyes
Waggiest Tail
Bitch in Best Condition
Dog in Best Condition
Best Family Pack (2 or more dogs)
Bitch Judge would most like to take home
Dog Judge would most like to take home
SPECIAL CLASSES: By entering these classes you will be supporting these hard-pressed rescue organisations that dbarc often works closely with
"BEST GSD OR GSD CROSS": All entry fees for this class will be donated to BIGGSD (www.biggsd.com)
"BEST COLLIE OR COLLIE CROSS": All entry fees for this class will be donated to The Border Collie Spot (www.thebordercolliespot.com)
"BEST RESCUE DOG & BITCH (NON-DBARC)": All entry fees for this class will be donated to Many Tears (www.manytears.co.uk)
BEST IN SHOW (Winners of all classes)

Dog show Registrations taken from 9.00am, Judging starts at 10.00am - each class £2.00 (Rosettes to sixth place!)
Judging courtesy of Active Vetcare Vets & Nurses

Lots of activities, stalls and fun competitions, including:-

Baked Potatoes & Burger Van
Ice Creams
Let's hope we need these 'cos it's a hot day!!
Tennis Ball Tombola
Your dog hopefully picks up a coloured ball which determines which prize he/she will win
Have a go Flyball
You will have seen the competition at the other end of the venue, so you will be keen to see if your dog has got what it takes!!
Dog Scurry
Timed race circuit for your dog to run - winning times win a prize!
Temptation Alley - being run by Cranbourne Dog Training School, who will be happy to give training advice on the day
Will your dog run past various temptations - or will he/she just eat them up?!
Cake Stall
Get there fast - they are sure to go quickly!
Children's Colouring Competition
Great prizes for children to win
Some wonderful prizes to win
Friendly Ferrets
Come and meet these adorable little creatures!
Face Painting
The kids can have their faces painted to look like various animals!
Selling DBARC Merchandise and promoting Careshare and Membership
Kid's Games
Hook a Duck, Lolly Pick and more!
'Barkwrights' on the move
DBARC own 2nd hand pet stuff shop - being brought to the show with lots of bargains for your pets
a2bmedics.co.uk - who will have an ambulance on-site, and are very generously giving us first aid cover on the day free of charge!
Once again a2bmedics are kindly supporting our event, thank you guys!
And much, much more!!

Also Gill from CALL http://celticanimallifeline.com/
& Christine from Tipp-Off Animal Rescue https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tipp-Off-Animal-Rescue/490865480610
will be flying over from Ireland to attend & hopefully meet up with some of the dogs they help to save & rehome over here.

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